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A Bit Of Rough - Live In Japan Vol 1 (Download)

Released: June 18, 2009       MP3 Logo

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1. Intro (excerpt from Thunderstruck by AC-DC) 02:17BUY £0.79
2. Loser (Live) 06:49BUY £0.79
3. On The Radio (Live) 04:27BUY £0.79
4. Miracle Man (Live) 05:53BUY £0.79
5. Low Life In High Places (Live) 06:19BUY £0.79
6. The Devil Made Me Do It (Live) 05:20BUY £0.79
7. Robert Johnson's Tombstone (Live) 05:42BUY £0.79
8. Dirty Dream (Live) 05:00BUY £0.79
9. I'll Be Waiting (Live) 04:56BUY £0.79
10. Fire To Ice (Live) 04:33BUY £0.79
11. You Can't Keep A Good Man Down (Live) 09:58BUY £0.79
12. Don't Wait For Me (Live) 09:13BUY £0.79
13. I Love You More Than Rock'n'Roll (Live) 05:58BUY £0.79
14. Play That Funky Music (Live) 04:11BUY £0.79
15. River Of Pain (Live) 03:45BUY £0.79
16. Dirty Love (Live) 14:20BUY £0.79

Release Info

Both recordings were made direct from the sound desk, on the last 2 Thunder Japanese shows in April 2009, so when you listen, what you'll hear is the mix that came out of the P.A. Thunder have tended not to release these kinds of recordings, usually preferring to mix the multitracks properly after the show. These shows were not recorded multitrack so there was no opportunity to do that, meaning they are what they are, moments in time, captured forever.
Some songs are missing on both recordings due to the real time change over from 1 CD to another during the show.
Sound levels go up and down a bit, a bit like a bootleg, but the performances from the band are superb.

These titles have been released in response to overwhelming demand from Japanese fans, after hearing them played on Masa Itoh's radio shows.