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Released: January 1, 2009       MP3 Logo

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1. Introductory Soundscape (Jagged Live) 04:33BUY £0.79
2. Pressure (Jagged Live) 05:20BUY £0.79
3. Fold (Jagged Live) 05:46BUY £0.79
4. Halo (Jagged Live) 04:19BUY £0.79
5. Slave (Jagged Live) 06:10BUY £0.79
6. In A Dark Place (Jagged Live) 06:01BUY £0.79
7. Haunted (Jagged Live) 05:32BUY £0.79
8. Blind (Jagged Live) 07:02BUY £0.79
9. Before You Hate It (Jagged Live) 05:15BUY £0.79
10. Melt (Jagged Live) 05:18BUY £0.79
11. Scanner (Jagged Live) 06:03BUY £0.79
12. Jagged (Jagged Live) 06:04BUY £0.79

Release Info

The Jagged Live CD was recorded at London's Forum theatre in March
2006. The show was the official launch of the new studio album,
Jagged. The album was played live, in the same track order as the
studio version, and was the first live performance of almost all the
songs on the album.

As the show took place just days after the album was released many
people thought it was a huge mistake introducing the album to the
fans with a live gig. The concern was that people wouldn't know it
well enough and the atmosphere of the night, usually such an
incredible experience at Numan shows, would be lost.

No such thing happened. The sheer strength of the album, the
fantastic attitude of the fans and a truly remarkable performance by
the band made it a night to remember. This CD captures that night in
all its glory.