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Only Revolutions (1xCD)

Released: November 9, 2009

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Fifth album, following 2007's 'Puzzle', from the Scots progressive indie rockers. Here they forgo the overt commercialism of 'Puzzle' in favour of a return to their classic style welding emo-style structures to technically complex math- and jazzcore elements. Named for the novel by Mark Danielewski, produced once again by Garth Richardson (Gallows) and with striking cover artwork shot by the legendary Storm Thorgerson, the album includes the singles 'Mountains', 'The Captain' and 'That Golden Rule'.


1. The Captain
2. That Golden Rule
3. Bubbles
4. gGd & Satan
5. Born on a Horse
6. Mountains
7. Shock Shock
8. Many Of Horror
9. Booooom. Blast and Ruin
10. Know Your Quarry
11. Whorses
12. I'm Probably In Your Pocket
13. Cloud Of Stink