Triffids (View Discography)

The Black Swan (2xCD)

Released: April 7, 2008

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1/ Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think
2/ American Sailors
3/ Falling Over You
4/ Goodbye Little Boy
5/ Bottle Of Love
6/ Go Home Eddie
7/ The Spinning Top Song
8/ Butterflies Into Worms
9/ Can't Help Falling In Love
10/ New Years Greetings
11/ Good Fortune Rose
12/ Shell Of The Man
13/ One Mechanic Town
14/ Jack's Hole
15/ Blackeyed Susan
16/ You Minus Me
17/ The Clown Prince
18/ Fairytale Love
19/ How Could I Help But Love You
20/ Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think (Alternative Version)
21/ American Sailors (Alternative Version)
22/ Why Don't You Leave For Good This Time (David McComb Solo Version)
23/ Bottle Of Love (Demo Version)
24/ The Spinning Top Song (The VB Mix)
25/ Butterflies Into Worms (Alternative Version)
26/ New Years Greetings (Alternative Version)
27/ Good Fortune Rose (Demo Version)
28/ One Mechanic Town (Live Demo Version)
29/ Jack's Hole (Alternative Version)
30/ Blackeyed Susan (Demo Version)
31/ You Minus Me (Demo Version)
32/ The Clown Prince (Demo Version)
33/ Fairytale Love (Demo Version)
34/ (You've Got) A Funny Way Of Showing You Love Me (Unused Demo)
35/ No More After You (Unused Demo)
36/ In The Dark (Unused Demo)