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Ethiopiques - Vol 11 - Harp Of King (1xCD)

Released: November 5, 2001
Currently Unavailable


1/ Pater Noster (Abatatchen Hoy)
2/ Medina And Zelesegna (Medinanna Zelesegna)
3/ Listen To My Fellow Countryman (Tew Segnagn Hagere)
4/ About The Virgin Mary (YeEmebetatchen Selamta)
5/ Thou Shalt Not Remain From Death (Keto Ayqueren Motu)
6/ About The Crucifixion (Sele Sene Seqlet)
7/ Death Of The Left-Handed Man (Abba Gragn Mote)
8/ About The Creation (Sele Sene Fetret)
9/ The Second Coming Of The Lord (Dagem Metseat)
10/ About Christmas (Sele Genna)
11/ Who Can Question? (Man Yemeramer?)
12/ Instrumental (Yebeguenna)