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The Jolson Story & Mammy (1xCD)

Released: December 8, 1997
Currently Unavailable


1/ Let Me Sing & I'm Happy
2/ Ma Blushin' Rosie
3/ I Want A Girl
4/ My Mammy
5/ I'm Sitting On Top Of The World
6/ You Made Me Love You
7/ Swanee
8/ The Spaniard That Blighted My Life
9/ April Showers
10/ California Here I Come
11/ LIza
12/ There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder
13/ She's A Latin From Manhattan
14/ About A Quarter To Nine
15/ Anniversary Song
16/ Waiting For The Robert ELee
17/ Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
18/ April Showers
19/ Who Paid The Rent For MrsRip Van Winkle?
20/ Yes! We Have No Bananas
21/ Looking At You
22/ Why Do They All Take The Night Boat To Albany?
23/ Let Me Sing & I'm Happy
24/ To My Mammy
25/ Let Me Sing & I'm Happy