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Yessongs - 40th Anniversary Special Edition (2xBLU-RAY)

Released: April 30, 2012
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1/ Opening (Excerpt From "Firebird Suite") (Live Lp Version From Yessongs)
2/ Siberian Khatru (Live Lp From Yessongs)
3/ Heart Of The Sunrise (Live )
4/ Perpetual Change (Live From Yessongs)
5/ And You And I (ACord Of Life; BEclipse; CThe Preacher The Teacher; DThe Apocalypse) (Live Lp From Yessongs)
6/ Mood For A Day (Live From Yessongs)
7/ Excerpts From "The Six Wives Of Henry Viii" (Live Lp Version From Yessongs)
8/ Roundabout (Live Lp From Yessongs)
9/ I've Seen All Good People (AYour Move; BAll Good People) (Live Lp From Yessongs)
10/ Long Distance Runaround/The Fish (Schindleria Praemeturus) (Live Lp From "Yessongs")
11/ Close To The Edge (AThe Solid Time Of Change; BTotal Mass Retain; CI Get Up I Get Down; DSeasons Of Man) (Live Lp Version From Yessongs)
12/ Yours Is No Disgrace (Live Lp From Yessongs )
13/ Starship Trooper (ALife Seeker; BDisillusion; CWurm) (Live Lp From Yessongs)