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Batter C (2xCD)

Released: November 7, 2011
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1/ Battersea Bunches Original Soundtrack
2/ To Battersea With Bunches [HFB remix]
3/ Meandering Through The Emerald Turf [Gaudi remix]
4/ Brixton Hundreds [David Harrow remix]
5/ Latchmere Allotments [Nocturnal Sunshine remix]
6/ Red House, Brown Dog [Being remix]
7/ Beyond the Legend of the Battersea Asparagus Triangle [Autolump remix]
8/ Batter C Bunny s Munching Orbular Marrow Mix [Thomas Fehlmann]
9/ Battersea Bunches original film[17m 40s]
10/ Esmerelda s Turf [5m 09s]
11/ Nocturnal Bunch [4m 02]
12/ Brixton to Harrow [4m 39s]