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Can't Kick The Blues (3xCD)

Released: July 25, 2011
Currently Unavailable


1/ Every Day I Have the Blues
2/ The Woman I Love
3/ Early in the Morning
4/ Bad Luck Soul
5/ Three O'clock Blues
6/ Hold That Train
7/ Sugar Mama
8/ Treat Me Right
9/ That Ain't the Way to Do It
10/ Sweet Thing
11/ The Fool
12/ Please Love Me
13/ You Upset Me Baby
14/ Please Accept My Love
15/ Youve Been an Angel
16/ Let's Do the Boogie
17/ What Can I Do
18/ Tomorrow Is Another Day
19/ Why Do Things Happen to Me
20/ Troubles, Troubles, Troubles
21/ Sweet Little Angel
22/ Blind Love
23/ When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer
24/ Be Careful With a Fool
25/ Sweet Sixteen, Pt1
26/ Come By Here
27/ I Love You So
28/ Don't You Want a Man Like Me
29/ You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
30/ Things Are Not the Same
31/ Days of Old
32/ You Know I Go for You
33/ Ten Long Years
34/ Crying Wont Help
35/ We Can't Make It
36/ Don't Look Now, But You Got the Blues
37/ Did You Ever Love a Woman
38/ I've Got Papers On You, Baby
39/ You Know I Love You
40/ Boogie Rock House Rocker
41/ Woke Up This Morning
42/ Boogie Woogie Woman
43/ Bad Luck
44/ Highway Bound
45/ Please Remember Me
46/ I Want to Get Married
47/ I Got a Gal
48/ My Own Fault Darlin'
49/ Past Day Don't Have to Cry
50/ Hard Workin' Woman
51/ Ruby Lee
52/ Please Hurry Home
53/ Can't We Talk It Over
54/ Gotta Find My Baby
55/ Praying the Lord
56/ Why Did You Leave Me
57/ Low Down Dirty Baby
58/ Dark Is the Night Part 1
59/ Dark Is the Night Part 2
60/ Time to Say Goodbye