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Days of Our Lives (1xDVD)

Released: November 22, 2011

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Disc 2
1/ One Vision - Live At Wembley '86/ Doing Alright/ April Lady
2/ Big Spender/ Liar/ Keep Yourself Alive/ The March Of The Black Queen
3/ Seven Seas Of Rhye/ Now I'm Here
4/ Killer Queen/ Death On Two Legs
5/ Bohemian Rhapsody
6/ Ogre Battle/ Somebody To Love/ You Take My Breath Away
7/ God Save The Queen/ The Millionaire Waltz/ Fight From The Inside/ Sheer Heart Attack/ Get Down Make Love
8/ We Will Rock You/ We Are The Champions/ Spread Your Wings
9/ Intro To "Tie Your Mother Down"/ We Will Rock You/ Love Of My Life/ Bicycle Race
10/ Fat Bottomed Girls/ Don't Stop Me Now
11/ Crazy Little Thing Called Love/ Another One Bites The Dust
12/ Another One Bites The Dust/ We Are The Champions
13/ Was It All Worth It?
14/ Flash's Theme/ Ming's Theme/ Tie Your Mother Down/ E O Vocal Improv
15/ Las Palabras De Amor/ Under Pressure
16/ In The Death Cell/ Back Chat/ Body Language
17/ Man On Fire/ Star Fleet/ Man On The Prowl/ Machines (Or Back To Humans)/ I Want To Break Free/ Radio Ga Ga
19/ Living On My Own/ Is This The World We Created?/ Hammer To Fall/ Rockin' All Over The World
21/ One Vision/ God Save The Queen/ The Miracle
22/ Scandal/ I'm Going Slightly Mad/ These Are The Days Of Our Lives
23/ These Are The Days Of Our Lives/ Mother Love/ Bijou
24/ Bijou/ Somebody To Love/ The Show Must Go On
25/ The Show Must Go On/ A Kind Of Magic/ E O Vocal Improv
26/ Seven Seas Of Rhye
27/ Killer Queen
28/ Somebody To Love
29/ We Are The Champions
30/ Crazy Little Thing Called Love
31/ Under Pressure
32/ Radio Ga Ga
33/ From Magic To Miracle 1986-1989
34/ Going Slightly Mad: The Making Of Innuendo 1990-91
35/ Made In Heaven 1995
18/ I Want To Break Free
20/ Hammer To Fall/ We Are The Champions/ One Vision