Artists under R

Ray Alexander
Ray Amy
Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson / Pocket Brass Band
Ray Anderson / Slickaphonics
Ray Anderson Pocket Brass Band
Ray Anderson/Craig Harris/George Lewis/Gary Valente
Ray Anthony
Ray Anthony & His Orchestra
Ray Anthony Orchestra
Ray Appleton Sextet
Ray Armando
Ray Barbee
Ray Baretto
Ray Barretto
Ray Barretto & New World Spiri
Ray Barretto & New World spirit
Ray Barretto / Tito Puente
Ray Barretto Charanga Band
Ray Barretto Orchestra
Ray Bauduc & Nappy Lamare
Ray Bennett
Ray Blue
Ray Boltz
Ray Bonneville
Ray Brooks
Ray Brooks / Artistsic Truth
Ray Brown
Ray Brown & Jimmy Rowles
Ray Brown & Jo Clayton
Ray Brown / Monty Alexander / Sam
Ray Brown Jr
Ray Brown Jr.
Ray Brown Trio
Ray Brown With Clayton / Mcbride
Ray Bryant
Ray Bryant Trio
Ray Bush
Ray Bush BBC Jazz & Geoff Nichols
Ray Bush's BBC Jazz
Ray Butcher
Ray Camacho
Ray Camacho & The Teardrops
Ray Campi
Ray Campi & The Hicksville Bom
Ray Carless
Ray Charles
Ray Charles & Milt Jackson
Ray Charles / Count Basie
Ray Charles / Count Basie Or
Ray Charles / Milt Jackson
Ray Charles 2
Ray Charles Orchestra
Ray Charles Singers
Ray Charles The Count Basie Orchestra
Ray Charles Tribute Band
Ray Chen
Ray Chen / Timothy Young
Ray Collins
Ray Collins Hot Club
Ray Columbus & The Invaders
Ray Condo
Ray Conniff
Ray Conniff Singers
Ray Cooper
Ray Crawford
Ray Crespo & Salsa Conga Loca
Ray Dave
Ray Davies
Ray Davies & Crouch End Chorus
Ray Davis Jr
Ray Dee Ohh
Ray Don
Ray Dorset
Ray Draper
Ray Drew
Ray Drummond
Ray Dunne
Ray Eberle
Ray Ellington
Ray Ellington Quartet
Ray Ellis
Ray Fenwick
Ray Fisher
Ray Flacke
Ray Foxley
Ray Frazier / Shades Of Madness
Ray Fuller
Ray Gallen
Ray Galton
Ray Gaskins
Ray Gelato
Ray Gelato & The Giants
Ray Gelato Giants
Ray Gemma
Ray Gemma / And Sparks
Ray Gibson
Ray Goodman & Ray Brown
Ray Hamiliton Orchestra
Ray Hamilton
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