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Saul Ashby - Debutantes (Signed LTD ED & Numbered)

Saul Ashby

Debutantes (Signed LTD ED & Numbered)

***Order from the official store and your 7 inch will come signed and numbered by Saul himself***

FLY2's inaugural release, Debutantes by Saul Ashby, has been championed by Mumford & Son's COMMUNION website as 'a vibrant and contemporary twist on classic guitar-stomp music from artists like Elvis Costello and Edywn Collins'. COMMUNION have put their muscle behind their mouth & added Saul as ‘special guest’ on their current Nationwide package tour line-up, helping the YouTube video for Debutantes to clock up in excess of 25,000 plays! Come on board .... and FLY2 to the stars!

7 Inch £4.99
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